Buddhist Community Welfare Organisations

A collection of links to websites of Theravada Social Welfare Organisations

Buddhist Community Welfare OrganisationsThis page is a collection of web-pages of Theravada Buddhist organisations or NGOs working with Theravada Buddhists in welfare or social projects. It came about as I was surfing the web for such organisations and being aware that many others have also been looking for such resources, I decided to put them here together to facilitate any future research.

There are many social welfare organisations run by Buddhists; many of them run by Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhist groups. I have only listed the Theravada ones here. Generally, they tend to be relatively small scale and low profile and are often overlooked by the media.  But these represent only a tiny fraction of Theravada welfare activity. My research indicates many temples, monasteries and societies have a welfare and charitable arm which were set up to address a temporary need (such as Tsunami relief) or to meet local needs in their community. These have been omitted from the list as they are ubiquitous and their impact is very localized. Obviously organisations which do not have a proper web-site are not included here too.








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