An Asian Experience

I went to Catholic school as a girl. Strangely I always felt detached from it; not offended by the religion but I never “fit in” with the teachings. They did not make sense to my logical mind. I felt they had been corrupted and the true Jesus Christ remained an enigma. I went along with it, knowing there was “more out there”.

I spent a summer in Hong Kong at 18. I knew that this trip would change my life and I eagerly accepted it. When I walked into the small temple at the end of the lane, I felt like I had belonged there always; the transformation to being Buddhist was as natural to me as coming home after a trip. It was a relief, an exhale, I think.

After graduating from school, I spent some years in Korea and in Guam. I lived with a Buddhist family for three years in Korea, and it was a wonderful experience. I always envied them in some silly manner because they were “Born Buddhist”. Through them I learned how to “live Buddhism” in the home, in the family, and at the temple – an invaluable experience.

I am now back in the U.S. for my master’s in Computer Science. I do find less connectivity to Buddhism here; however, in the community sense, a discussion list on the Internet was very helpful to keep me focused. So, at 28, I do hope to return to Asia, and on another note I have come to the conclusion that if I do find a person to share my life with (romantically), this person has to share my goals and be Buddhist as well.