Theravada Buddhist Community Welfare Organisations

A collection of links to websites of Theravada Social Welfare Organisations

This page is a collection of web-pages of Theravada Buddhist organisations or NGOs working with Theravada Buddhists in welfare or social projects. It came about as I was surfing the web for such organisations and being aware that many others have also been looking for such resources, I decided to put them here together to facilitate any future research.

There are many social welfare organisations run by Buddhists; many of them run by Mahayana and Tibetan Buddhist groups. I have only listed the Theravada ones here. Generally, they tend to be relatively small scale and low profile and are often overlooked by the media.  But these represent only a tiny fraction of Theravada welfare activity. My research indicates many temples, monasteries and societies have a welfare and charitable arm which were set up to address a temporary need (such as Tsunami relief) or to meet local needs in their community. These have been omitted from the list as they are ubiquitous and their impact is very localized. Obviously organisations which do not have a proper web-site are not included here too.  


Bhante Wimala - based in Czech rep., supporting the work of Bhante Wimala
Buddhist Global Relief - based in USA, founded by Bhikkhu Bodhi with global projects
Buddhist Relief Mission - based in Sri Lanka,founded by Ken and Visakha Kawasaki with projects in Asia
Firefly Mission - based in Singapore, with missions to Asian countries
Foundation for Global Harmony - based in US and Japan, supporting the work of Gayuna Cealo aka Karuna Sayadaw
Theravada Samadhi Education Association - based in Taiwan, with projects in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries


Bangalhalia Agapara Buddhist Welfare Orphanage  - Orphanage and community support
Parbatya Bouddha Mission - Orphanage, community development


Association of Buddhists for Environment - Environmental protection and conservation
Brahmavihara - Support for victims of HIV and AIDS
Buddhism and Society Development Association - Community Development
Buddhism for Development - Community Development
Child and Youth Education Organisation - Community Development
Khmer-Buddhist Education Assistance Project - Cultural and Religious renewal
Khmer Buddhist Relief - Welfare and relief work
Life and Hope Association - Care for orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged peoples
Project Cambodia - Health care and education, managed by Buddhist Library, Australia
Salvation Centre Cambodia - AIDS prevention and care
Volunteer Development Children's Association -  a school for disadvantaged children and orphans
Wat Opot Children's Community - Orphanage caring for children, many with HIV


Mahabodhi Ladakh - Community development, religious training, healthcare
Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission - Community development, religious training, healthcare


Ti-ratana Welfare Society - Community welfare services


Compassionate Hands Foundation - Community and humanitarian aid in the delta region
Foundation for the People of Burma - Humanitarian aid, healthcare, education
Sitagu Association's Projects - Healthcare and infrastructure support to monastic community in Sagaing hills area


Buddhist Education and Social Development Centre - Educational and social development activities
Dhamma Moli - Protection of vulnerable girls
Metta School - Providing primary schooling in Lumbini area

Sri Lanka

Dhammadeepa Foundation - Promotes Education and community development
Karuna Trust - Educational assistance
Sarvodaya - Community development, Sri Lanka's largest charity


Blood Foundation - on the Thai-Burma border to assist Burmese refugees, hill tribes and local villagers
Dhammagiri Foundation - working with hill tribes at the Thai-Myanmar border
Sangha Metta Project - HIV/AIDS prevention and care
Sathira-Dhammasathan - Women's welfare
Students Education Trust - Scholarships for rural children
Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu (The Aids Temple) - Care for AIDS victims
Wat Thamkrabok - Drug addiction recovery

United Kingdom

Angulimala - Prison chaplaincy


Khmer Krom Children Foundation - Community development for the ethnic Khmer

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Page first created 19 June, 2006
Lee Yu Ban

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