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Why Donate To Print Books in Cambodia

Dear friends of Dhamma Aid Cambodia,

Printing books for free distribution is an excellent way to spread the Dhamma.  Free Dhamma books was so successfully used as an effective method of Dhamma propagation in Malaysia it had developed into a major activity of many Buddhist organisations.  However, perhaps due to an absence of distribution strategies, poor choice of subject and weak interest, books are exchanged between organisations or passed from one temple to another, until they are left to turn yellow in boxes or shelves.

Buddhists here have a surplus of books while Cambodians often have difficulty in finding the educational resources to rebuild their religion. DAC tries to address this disparity by creating the medium for Buddhists who seek a wiser and more effective way to donate funds in support of the Buddha Sasana.

The reality is this -  You can donate towards book publication where they are under-appreciated and where there is no distribution strategy and it is likely many books will end up like this.

Or you can donate books in places where they are truly appreciated and treasured; where people will travel distances and undergo inconveniences for the opportunity to access the Dhamma.

Donate wisely and effectively

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