Dhamma Aid Cambodia

April 2011 Update - Important

Dear friends of Dhamma Aid Cambodia,

When one ceases, the other is born....

I am happy to announce that Dhamma Aid Cambodia is coming to a close and this will be its last update.  Not that the project is being terminated, but it is reborn as a new project - "Dhamma Aid Asia (DAA)".   DAA commences where DAC ends. Before I explain further, I'd like to thank all the supporters, donors and friends of DAC and trust you will continue your meritorious friendship with DAA.  All funds in the dedicated account of DAC will be donated to DAA.

For the last several years, I have run DAC as a personal project with assistance and support from friends and Buddhist organisations. But as a personal project, it faced a number of limitations, foremost of which is the issue of accountability, transparency and continuity. Cambodia remains a Buddhist community in great need of assistance, but it is clear that Buddhist communities in many other countries also face severe challenges. It was felt that for us to assist these communities we needed a more corporeal form.  It was then decided to transfer the activities of DAC to a registered Society.

The Registrar of Societies officially registered us as the Persatuan Perkembangan Ajaran Dhamma on 9 March 2011.  The name was not our choice but it is one we can work with.  The sole activity of the Society is to administer the Dhamma Aid Asia project or DAA.  Administered by a Committee, the main change will be to extend its services to Buddhist communities across several Asian countries.

The Society and DAA is administered by a Committee which comprises individuals with years of standing in our local Buddhist community and who share the same ideals that first inspired DAC.

So once again, Thank You for your past support.  May you always enjoy the Blessings of The Three Jewels..

With peace in the BuddhaDhamma,
Yu Ban
April 2011

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