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February 2010 Update

Dear friends of Dhamma Aid Cambodia,

A very Happy New Year! Dhamma Aid Cambodia is into its 4th year. Amazing how time flies when you are having fun!

I just reviewed our work since we started and noted that we have printed and distributed 44,960 Khmer Dhamma books as at the end of last year.  Add another 4,000 books we printed in December 2009 and have begun to distribute since early this year, brings the total up to 48,960 books.  That represents about 0.44% of the literate population of Cambodia. Or on average, one in 220 Cambodians who can read, has a DAC Dhamma book!

First, some housekeeping. The Bandar Utama Buddhist Society ("BUBS") which sheltered DAC since its inception has advised that due to the restrictions imposed by the Inland Revenue Board, it can no longer fund us.  So although DAC has not been reliant on BUBS for funding, this compels some thinking about the development of DAC.  At the moment, I am uncertain which direction to take this project.  However, I expect to have more time on my hands in a year or two and so will probably wait for conditions to develop.  I have begun to think about expanding our services to make a greater impact, perhaps replicating our work for Laos, Nepal and India.  To accommodate this, we may need to register as a society, or a company but it is also possible that we remain as a private project.  Each structure has its pros and cons and if anyone can give me advice or ideas on this, please email me.

In the meantime, little has changed and all remaining funds will be used for DAC's stated objectives.  However, if you wish to donate towards DAC in the future, please contact me directly at:  pj.pilgrim@gmail.com 

The wonderful Gift of Dhamma - 4,000 copies of the Khmer edition of Good Question Good Answer

gqga coverWith the generous sponsorship of an old friend of DAC, Mr Teh Chi Chang, we have printed another 4,000 copies of the Khmer edition of Good Question Good Answer.  Seeing that it is such a popular book, we have changed the cover so that future reprints will carry this attractive design.

The previous editions carried a picture of a Cambodian style Buddha-rupa.  At that time, we wanted to encourage Cambodians to develop self confidence in their heritage.  But although the country remains one of the poorest, it has changed tremendously in the last few years and has strongly embraced globalisation.  So the new cover carries a colourful picture of the Mahabodhi stupa of Bodh Gaya, to remind Cambodian Buddhists that they are an important part of the global Buddhist community.

Ven Vandong has begun distributing this book in several places.  At my request, he has arranged to send more than 1,000 books to Her Excellency Maha-Upasika Nhek Buntha, President of the Buddhist Association of Cambodia and Board member of the Association of Nuns and Lay-Women of Cambodia ("ANLWC").  The ANLWC includes in its membership about 5,000 Don Chees or 8 precept nuns who play an exceptional pastoral role in various communities throughout the country.  It is hoped that these books will help them communicate the Dhamma during the course of their work.

Below are some photos of the recent book distribution by Ven. Vandong to the nuns and lay-women of ANLWC.

And Ven. Vandong distributes Good Question Good Answer to students at a local school.



Gone to Press - 4,000 copies of the Khmer edition of A Happy Married Life

We are currently printing 4,000 copies of this book.  This is an unusual Dhamma book but was one of the more popular books written by the late Ven K Sri Dhammananda.  It has been translated into Khmer by Ven. Sin Kong Nyanajoti, a young Cambodian monk who recently completed his Masters degree in Sri Lanka.  The Brickfields Mahavihara has kindly sponsored the printing of this book. 

But why this book? As Cambodian society grapples with poverty, a consumer driven economy and modernisation, the resultant stress has created a high level of domestic violence.

One source estimated that one in six women is a victim of violence inflicted by her husband. Half of these women sustained injuries of which more than 50% were head injuries. A study revealed that more than 10 per cent of Cambodian men reported that they used violence on their wives.

Ven Sin Kong says "On behalf of Cambodian people, may I be allowed to thank you for all your kind attention that you and your project, Dhamma Aid Cambodia, printed the book entitle "A Happy Married Life" in Khmer language for the benefit to all Cambodian people who are in need the Dhamma to quench the thirst for living a noble life in accordance with the Buddha's teaching.

We all realize that you and your entire companion are trying your best to help Cambodian in the name of mankind, and in order to promote the sublime teaching of the Buddha, which is the message of peace and happiness.  We are grateful to you for your sympathy and financial support for publishing this most useful book.  I hope that your works will be very helpful in delivering the Enlightened One's words in many languages to all backgrounds of man as well as the development of Buddhism in the World.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you so much for all your help with the Divine State of Mind (Brahmavihara).  May the Blessing of the Buddhist Triple Gem protect you.  May you be happy and peaceful, and to get successful in your promote Dhamma projects in Cambodia."

Letters of Gratitude from scholarship students

We have also received a stack of letters written by the 6 monk students we sponsored last year through KEAP. ( See KEAP's report here ). Generally, all are doing well. They expressed relief that the worry of financial cost is removed from their minds and they could better concentrate on their studies in university.  Thank you and Anumodana to all the scholarship sponsors.

Please remember to check our website regularly for updates.

With peace in the BuddhaDhamma,
Yu Ban
Feb 2010

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