Dhamma Aid Cambodia was started in 2006 to support the resurgence of Buddhism in Cambodia

We are not affiliated with any organisation but receive the support of several Malaysian Buddhist organisations and individuals who share a common vision of compassion and solidarity with Buddhists across borders.

Our objectives - supporting Dhamma education

Our primary objective is to assist Cambodian Buddhist organisations in the field of Dhamma education.  As Dhamma Aid Cambodia grows, we may assist other initiatives contributing towards the Buddhist renewal in Cambodia.

Why Cambodia

The people of Cambodia or Khmers have been Buddhists since the 13th century and was once part of a great empire. However, fate took a twist in modern times. The Khmers suffered terribly during the civil war between the years 1970 to 1975 and in the years thereafter. When the communist Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975, its genocidal programs led to the death of between 1 to 3 million people out of a population of 7.3 million. In an effort to restructure Cambodian society the Khmer Rouge targeted the educated class and destroyed the religious and cultural structure of society. Of the estimated 65,000 monks in Cambodia at that time, less than 3,000 survived the Khmer Rouge years.

With the defeat of the Khmer Rouge in 1979, the Cambodian people vigorously rebuilt their religious infrastructure and embarked on the construction of monasteries. However, because of the severe lack of teachers and resources, religious education fell far behind. It is estimated that only about 20% of the sangha receive some formal education.

Read more: Buddhism in Cambodia

The Need for Dhamma

If the knowledge of the members of the sangha is weak, then the lay-people who look to the monks for guidance and instruction are in an even worse position. Already suffering greatly from poverty, and the residual trauma of war, their spirit is further weakened by superstition and ignorance. Not surprisingly, well funded missionaries of various stripes have descended on the country. While some have noble and genuine intentions, a significant number merely wish to capitalise on the vulnerability of the populace by introducing beliefs that further weaken and divide the people and erode confidence in their culture.

The people of Cambodia have suffered enough. As they leap into the modern world while recovering from their recent trauma, there is a great need for them to reclaim their religious heritage, be re-educated in the Dhamma and to regain their spirit and self-confidence.

Why Dhamma Aid Cambodia

Dhamma Aid Cambodia is a heart-felt response to the situation described above which crystallized into a project by Buddhists in Malaysia. While the Cambodians have difficulty in finding the educational resources to rebuild their religion, Buddhists here and in many countries often have a surplus. Dhamma Aid Cambodia seeks to address this disparity by creating the medium for Buddhists who seek a wiser and effective way to donate funds in support of the Buddha Sasana.

Our partners in Cambodia

Dhamma Aid Cambodia is presently working with :

Buddhism and Society Development Organisation '(BSDA')
Based in Kampong Cham north of Phnom Penh, BSDA runs several community development and educational projects.  

Khmer-Buddhist Educational Assistance Project ('KEAP')
KEAP was registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Colorado, USA in 1999 with the late Ven Maha Ghosananda as its founding patron. The Cambodian scholar Dr Peter Gyallay-Pap is its executive director. KEAP runs several programs in Cambodia to promote the recovery, renewal, and development of Cambodian society through its own spiritual and cultural heritage.


Presently our projects are:

We provide scholarship support for monastic education at the undergraduate level. This will support efforts to educate a new generation of Buddhist scholars which shall result in the sangha recovering its traditional role as teachers and leaders of the Cambodian people. Read more.

Dhamma books
We print Dhamma books in Khmer for free distribution. These are distributed by our friends in Cambodia to select population groups such as monks, youth groups, village heads, community leaders, etc. Why donate towards this.

    ~ Download Khmer Dhamma books
    You can download some of our Dhamma books here
April 2011 - The Final Update of DAC
Feb 2011 - A visit to Kg Cham and Kg Thom, and a new book.

Dec 2010 - a new translated book and a Dhamma camp
Sept 2010 - A record achieved and one of our more exciting updates.
July 2010 - Scholarships for 2010, Roof for Wat Poveal and working on a new book.
May 2010 - Sukhi Hotu authorised to receive Cash Donations. Appeal for funds for fresh projects.
April 2010 - Change in structure of DAC - Important. Also distribution of "Happy Married Life".
Feb 2010 - Important news, more progress. Distributing 4,000 copies of "Good Question", letters received from 2009 scholars.

Previous year's Updates
How you may help:

We have stopped collections for this project in view of the transfer of operations to Dhamma Aid Asia (see link at top).

Who runs Dhamma Aid Cambodia

We are not a registered society or an NGO, at least not yet.  We are a group of friends who see a great need and who are stirred to help. 
More about us on this page: Who We Are.
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Discontinued - in view of the transfer of operations to Dhamma Aid Asia (see link at top).
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